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Every company is different and so should the marketing strategy. What works for some won’t work for others.
Marketing Plans should address the most urgent needs first and those that will have the greatest return.


Just starting a business or been in business for years we can help! Let us help you design your logo, product or service design, business cards and everything in between.

Email Marketing

Effectively communicate to current clients or sell products with an effective campaign strategy.


Your website is like a handshake. It’s a first impression for many to get to know you. Let us help make them want to hug you.

Search Engine Optimization

If more leads are important to you then let our SEO wizards help increase your search engine ranking and drive sales.

Social Media & Reputation Management

In this new world, social media, reviews, and your reputation are critical. Let us craft the perfect monthly package that puts your best foot forward.

Paid Search (PPC)

Full-Service Google Ads Partner & Bing Paid Search management and audits.

Video Production

Sometimes telling your story can only be done with a video. Let us help you make it happen. View a Full-scale video production option here

Executive Leadership Training

We have years of experience in leadership and management training as well as behavioral style training.


Our Approach

Lets get to know each other

I love meeting new clients. Hearing your story where you’ve come from and where you want to go.
I’m an entrepreneur at heart so hearing your story gives me energy and helps me understand your goals and challenges. I’d like you to consider us your part time marketing department at your fingertips.
We can strategize, plan and execute like a full time onsite marketing department at a fraction of the price.

Strategy outline and education

We love to help educate our clients. I am often heard saying, “Let me teach you how to do it so you can do it yourself.” There is no secret sauce, there’s just sauce. Marketing is just another skill set that you can learn to do and we can help you. What we’ve found is that most owners want to do their business not worry about marketing and that’s where we live. Let us help.

Present & Execute

After we understand your goals we’ll create a presentation to explain where we can help. Using our strengths we’ll craft a clear and direct presentation with the approach we want to take.This is our favorite part as we build out your custom program and make it happen. Where a lot of other marketers struggle is to deliver on exactly what they say they will do. It’s exactly what we do.

Watch & Learn

Another strength of ours is to continue to monitor and adjust our different approaches, campaigns and marketing initiatives. We have a philosophy that we know what works but we know less today than we’ll know tomorrow so we pivot and adjust our strategy to meet the constantly changing landscape.

Meet Ian

Founder, River City Creative

Hey there, My name is Ian Otto and I started River City Creative with the focus on making your company successful. Our clients are great at what they do, from software to building and construction and product creation. If you are like many of our clients you struggle to keep up with the latest advertising trends, changing technology and cultural changes that affect how people view products and services. That’s where we thrive.

Every marketing company is a little different and their strategies are always the “best” strategy to use. With River City Creative we bring a different set of skills to help maximize your strengths to create a significant ROI when spending your hard earned money. We have an honest, no BS approach that we hope you’ll find refreshing in the world of marketers.

Where We Thrive

We specialize in online marketing, advertising, branding, websites, brochures, trade show materials and consulting however we also love to do executive leadership training and corporate retreats because we believe so much value can be had in the  human capital that our businesses touch from employees to customers.

Our Goal

To offer clear pricing and an effective strategy that allows you to capitalize on new business.

Meet the Team

You’re in Good Hands


Founder & Creative Director


Lead Graphic Designer,
National Creator


Graphic Designer

Maureen Adams

Executive Coaching and
Curriculum Developer


Account Manager & Sales


Paid Search Specialist


Founder & Creative Director


Lead Graphic Designer, National Creator


Graphic Designer

Maureen Adams

Executive Coaching and Curriculum Developer


Account Manager & Sales


Paid Search Specialist

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