Pajcic & Pajcic

The Ask

Pajcic & Pajcic was a leading law firm in need of consulting. The attorney’s and associates at P&P is an incredible law firm and I highly recommend them to anyone in need of good representation. Their need is at the consulting and strategy level to help understand the results being sent to them by their main marketing company along with giving them another set of eyes on their strategy to meet new people.

The Solution

Law firms spend a lot of money to be on the front of mind when something tragic happens. When it comes to paid search their keywords are by and large the most expensive key words to win on (besides maybe car sales). We work alongside them to audit their social media company to make sure they are getting the best bang for their buck along with a return on their investment. To be competitive with paid search law firms are constantly having budget checks since it’s very expensive. Our goal in working with them ongoing is to interpret the results and adjust their campaigns to make sure they are getting the most out of their budgets. I love working with companies like them who strive to constantly make adjustments to their marketing strategies to pivot and use their marketing dollars effectively.

Consulting Services
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